Future Learning Lab Project Workshop

5 November 2020

Team members and prospective team members are invited to join this 3-hour workshop to begin preparing for research proposal submissions in 2021. We will meet on Zoom. Team members signing up will be receiving the meeting details, agenda and notes. A separate page with details is found on this link for those who sign up to engage.        

Learning Beyond Corona

27 July 2020

“Few institutions have the longevity and deep roots of universities,” writes Jo Johnson in an April 14th. comment on the News center web pages of Kings College in London. It has been a while. In the period since March 2020 when societies and institutions of higher education around the world “closed down” with encompassing restrictions on social distance and presence, there has been a great deal of debate. Websites from universities and governments attest to it, as does for instance the publication The Chronicle of Higher Education, a US publication well worth following. How severe is the impact of Corona? …

About this website

22 April 2020

Future Learning Lab is a research initiative with a research agenda and an innovation initiative with several ways of interaction as explained here. Website updates Tools and resources Discussion forums LMS functionality Here are some tips on how to make the most of the resources.

World Learning Charter

7 April 2020

Global Learning Innovation Manifesto Background The global Corona virus lock-down is a reminder to constantly rethink what we are and do as custodians of research-based knowledge. No matter what level of education we are engaged in, we are called on to critically reflect on extraordinary circumstances confirm and negate existing social institutions of learning and education. The two are not the same. Education as a social institution is deeply embedded in history, ways of understanding society, social organization and ideology. Learning happens everywhere, all the time, often unnoticed and taken for granted. When society and education institutions closed down mid-March …

World Learning Summit 2020

5 April 2020

Oddgeir TveitenProfessor, University of Agder, South Norway You’ve often heard it said that “talent is distributed whereas opportunity is not.” it is in a way a cliché, but contemporary global access to education is a case in point. teaching several times a year in Eastern Africa and sending the rest of my teaching time at home, I have come to learn how great a divide it is. And yet, we live in a time of global change. Accelerating information flows and increased mobility are change factors also in education and learning. In short, we travel more and use more media. …