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Future Learning Lab is committed to interdisciplinary research and a focus on exploring intersections between different fields as well as intersections between the past, present and future. Futures come and go. If we are to adequately understand the present challenges facing education and learning in a fast digitalizing and globalizing world, a key condition is our will and interest to pursue research discourse outside of our own specialties.

The question is often how and when.

Academic research institutions value specialization. Academic education institutions value research based education and learning. There is an inherent paradox in this: The kinds of learning resources we cultivate and present our students with often challenges us to go beyond our own research specialty, yet there is little merit in pursuing the same scope in our research publication endeavors.

Collaborating on research entails a variety of different collaboration stages. Presenting to colleagues happens in staff meetings, seminars, workshops, research conferences and the like. What we want to offer with the Future Learning Lab Research Collaboratory is not an alternative, but an extension:

By signing up for our update services (blog posts and newsletters) and joining our community (forums and member-dialogs focused on particular themes and pre-publication formats) members of the Future Learning Lab Global Network can post and solicit advice/comments from the community. Basic membership is free and will continue to be so.

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