Challenges and opportunities

Future Learning Lab works globally to connect with peers around the world. A key instrument is our annual event World Learning Summit. Learn more about it on this link. Besides WLS, we engage in frequent webinars and other forms of conversations, informing also of events organized by our Future Learning Lab members in their own contexts.

The short version of an increasingly complex history is this: While distance learning of course is nothing new or recent, the introduction of the world wide web in 1989 changed higher edcuation. In rapid sequence we began to make use of email, embedded our information flows and practices in the world-wide web, and then came “the internet” as we know it today, complete with social media tat may or may not be so “social” as we once thought them to be., What we do know is that learning habits, contexts, and possibilities are challenged not so much by these technologies as by how they become socially and culturally embedded. That is why the Future Learning Lab vision is centered on a double vision: To understand the technologies and to research their societal impacts on learning, locally and globally.