The Future Learning Lab Story

Forging a global community network for online learning

"The future of learning is online"

Jason Pallmer, Gates Foundation

Future Learning 2020 Summit, Stanford University 2015

What we are

Future Learning Lab is a virtual "collaboratory" for scholars, entrepreneurs, students and others interested in the coming digital transition of education and learning. We represent a variety of education institutions, fields of expertise and levels of engagement. Members have backgrounds from universities, teaching high school, building world class online education platforms, starting and running EdTech companies, politics, development work and more. Future Learning Lab is both a network of research groups and individuals. Some members are here to pursue a single project, while others participate in running the website as well as portfolios of projects, webinars, and the like. Key members have background from the University sector, Creative Commons, the UN, Salesforce, as well as a Range of Innovation Labs. We offer free user memberships as well as partnering memberships with access to hosting resources.

What we do

Future Learning Lab co-develops research projects and online courses. Our mission is not to host as many online courses as possible but to help enable potential course builders in their efforts as well as providing a hosting space at very limited costs. We offer consultancy services in setting up courses, as well as designing an online presence whether it be for individual teachers and lecturers, education institutions or commercial companies. We have a particular focus on enabling collaboration between interest parties in the Global South and North, reflecting our concerns with real access to digital learning resources. Once a year we invite broadly to push the conversation along through our Annual World Learning Summit. These conferences cap out at 400 attendants, where our focus is to remain small enough to provide real peer-to-peer collaboration. The World Learning Summits have offered world-class speakers for ten years, including key thought-leaders from Google, Stanford University, University of Texas, Open University of the Netherlands, University of Agder, Norwegian Business School, University of Iceland, University of Tampere, Gates Foundation, Edcast, Salesforce, UN, and more.

Who we are

Oddgeir Tveiten

Professor, University of Agder, Norway.